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One-Stop-Shop Charging Solutions

Start planning your fleet's transition to electric vehicles with Ford Pro hardware and software charging solutions at your depot, employees homes, and access to the largest public charging network in North America. 

To learn how Ford ProTM Charging can help every step of the way, contact us at 1-800-668-5515 or

 Powerful Charging Capabilities

Depot Charging

From planning to charge management and everything in between, we'll work with you to get charging up and running at your facility.

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 Seamless Integration

Manage your charging operations with a single account and integrate data with your existing systems.

 Energy Management

Help optimize costs with our smart charging software that looks at fleet schedule, utility rates and more.

 Real-Time Updates

Get reports on vehicles, chargers and maintenance notifications to help maximize fleet efficiency.

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Home Charging

Let your drivers continue to take their work vehicles home with our variety of home charging options. Then use Ford Pro E-Telematics to manage plug-in status, provide charging reports and reimburse drivers for business energy expenses.

Home Charging Brochure

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